Romantic beach holidays for beaches summer 2009

Summer is a short but wonderful season, often spent with family and friends and enjoying the endless array of festivals, food and holidays. The summer season is also a perfect time for a romantic walk on the beach at sunset during a warm summer holiday evening. Make good use of those long summer days by exploring our list of beautiful beaches and vacation spots in the United States. This summer, find your special beach destination, enjoy the & # 39; sun and play in & # 39; the unspoilt sandy beaches while creating summer memories that will last a lifetime.

Maine is, for various reasons, one of the most popular romantic destinations for summer vacationers. The beautiful, temperate weather and rocky coastlines with rising, granite cliffs have provided memorable vacations to summer travelers for more than a hundred years. A popular Maine Summer destination is Bar Harbor, located in the Acadia National Park area, and offers beautiful white, sandy beaches and refreshing, cool waters to enjoy and help you relax. Also located in this summer vacation area along Route 1A in & # 39; the Southern Coastline of Maine are the quaint coastal towns of Portland and Ogunquit. Both offer smaller beaches, but are known for their quiet, romantic coastlines. Tired of the beach? What about a trip down the Central Coastline from Maine to Southwest Harbor, where vacationers will find beautiful boutiques, galleries, restaurants, and bed and breakfast, unlike before. And of course, no Maine summer vacation would be complete without taking some of the local fairgrounds, including new-caught lobsters, hush puppies, fiddle-head potatoes, and my personal favorite, New England clam chowder.

Another hot summer vacation is the Southern Shore of New Jersey, with more than 140 miles of pristine beaches, famous restaurants, and celebrated summer parties and events. This region includes 7 of & # 39; s top 10 beaches in New Jersey, including the # 1 beach located in Ocean City. Known as America's Greatest Family Resort, it is a fantastic place for family reunions, group reunions, and of course, beach weddings. The 2.5 m long boardwalk is complete with nice restaurants and shopping in downtown for adults, and two amusement parks, gamer rentals, and a water park for the kids. Don't forget about & # 39; many miniature golf courses, comfortable for the family! This is truly entertaining for all ages in Ocean City, NJ. And no trip to New Jersey's Southern Shore would be complete without visiting the historic, Victorian city of Cape May. Cape May offers a wide variety of summertime activities, including listening to the surf of the & # 39; coast, the excitement and excitement of running & # 39; a boardwalk, climbing to the top of one of & # 39; many famous Cape May lighthouses and enjoying & # 39; e tourist visa, and finally, stay at a romantic Victorian bed and book on the coast. The Southern Shore of New Jersey offers a wide variety of activities that will make your summer vacation memorable.

Known for the hot sun and crystal blue skies throughout the year, the Florida Keys region, including the adjoining barrier islands, have long been a favorite destination for summer vacationers. Key West offers soft, white sandy beaches around its scenic perimeter, and is famous for its outdoor activities, including world-class fishing, scuba diving, water sports, and golf. After watching an unusual sunset from Key West, enjoy the many nightlife activities, including live entertainment by the city's many musicians and street artists. Treat your taste with an island specialty and dine in a local bunk cafe or gourmet restaurant, and enjoy a nightcap at one of & # 39; many legendary pubs and open-island bars. Holiday rentals in Key West are as diverse as the island itself, including top-notch resorts to traditional conch houses to comfortable bed and breakfast accommodations. In a city of fascinating contrasts and inspiring diversity, it's easy to imagine yourself releasing your worries about the mainland, and spending your summer vacation in beautiful Key West, Florida. I have personally visited Key West several times, and enjoyed the memorable sites during the 4 hour drive from Key Largo to Key West, and would recommend the trip along scenic US 1 to any holidaymaker this summer in search of an unforgettable beach stay.

Home to some of & # 39; most beautiful beaches in & # 39; e United States, the Texas Southern Gulf Coast region attracts millions of visitors each year, especially during & # 39; the summer vacation season. With more than 350 miles of coastline that stretches into a gentle arch of South Padre Island north of the Louisiana border, this Texas playground is renowned for its natural beauty and wildlife diversity. The land cover grass and wetlands provide the ideal ecosystem to support rich marine life and winter grounds for migratory birds. In the North Gulf Coast area, you can explore the historic beach communities of Galveston and Crystal Beach. Galveston offers 32 miles of beautiful, soft sandy beaches, restaurants and top entertainment and one of & # 39; s largest and well-preserved concentrations of Victorian architecture in the country. Another popular summer destination in the Texas Gulf Coast area is Corpus Christi, offering vacationers a rich blend of culture in the laid-back atmosphere of a historic coastal harbor. When traveling to Corpus Christi, one can expect to find soothing sea breezes, endless blue skies, and beautiful turquoise waters. Visit the promenade on the bay, the arts and museum district, waterfront restaurants and the entertaining nightlife while on vacation in Corpus Christi. South Padre Island is located on & # 39; Texas tropical tip bordering Mexico. It is known as one of the best holiday destinations in the country with beautiful beaches, high sand dunes, and warm Gulf waters on offer. Contrary to popular belief, South Padre Island is one of & # 39; s mildest places in Texas in & # 39; in the summer season, with Gulf seas keeping average temperatures in the high 80 & # 39; s to low 90 & # 39; s. Some activities to explore while vacationing in this top-rated Texas beach destination include saltwater fishing, eating fresh fish and seafood served at local island restaurants, and staying at a historic bed and breakfast as hotel accommodation. This is definitely something for all travelers visiting Texas Gulf Coast this summer.

Located along the Pacific Ocean halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the California Central Coast stretches thousands of miles from Santa Barbara to Monterey. The region is renowned for its romantic, white sandy beaches and rocky coastal views, beautiful wine country walks, and artisanal villages. Viewers can choose from charming, historic bed and breakfast inns to picturesque oceanfront views. During the beautiful days with sunshine, discover surfing, water skiing, golfing, hiking, biking, horse riding, bird watching, farmers market, and movie festivals. If you are looking for beautiful blue skies, shopping, dining, endless activities, unforgettable experiences, and a marina complimented by a beautiful beach, visit Santa Barbara, located on the southern end of California's Central Coast . Located in & # 39; near & # 39; The northern tip of Monterey Bay, 74 miles south of San Francisco, is the quintessential beach town of Santa Cruz. A wide range of attractions await, from Santa Cruz & # 39; s award-winning boardwalk and majestic Redwood forests, to arts and culture events, and award-winning restaurants. A fascinating blend of history and natural beauty await, making your summer vacation to Central California California a memorable and enjoyable one.

The Bed and Breakfast recommends Summer Beach Vacation destinations above based on personal experiences and other valued travelers' input. The locations were selected because of general entertainment options, quality and popularity of beach, how many days with sunshine, softness of sand, water temperature, and dining and shopping options.

Ride the American road in an exotic 1932 Ford Roadster rental car

Hot-rodding is a popular American culture. The phenomenon was first addressed by magazines. Shiny print names like the Rodders Journal, Hot Rod Magazine, Street Rodder, Popular Hot Rodding, and Rod and Custom Magazine are just a few of the & # 39; s magazines that & # 39; t have this step activity in & # 39; t American life.

In addition to print, hot-rodding also gained miles in & # 39; visual wing of & # 39; e media. The Discovery Channel featured many hot-rod documentaries such as Monster Garage, American Hot Rod, and Overhaulin & # 39 ;. And television programs like My Classic Car and Horsepower TV also had dedicated episodes on hot-rodding topics.

Tom Wolfe wrote about it in his book "The Kandy-Colored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby." Even the Beach Boys sang in "My Little Deuce Coupe."

Hot-rodding usually began in the 1930's. s in Southern California, where people started modifying light cars with big engines and started racing on & # 39; the large and empty marbles northeast of Los Angeles. The original hot rods were old cars that were reduced to weigh less and improve aerodynamics. After World War II, many small airports were abandoned in the country. In effect, these locations allowed hot rodders to race on marked courses. World War II also helped the popularity of & # 39; hobby, especially in California, where & # 39; many returning soldiers received technical training in & # 39; a service to modify such cars.

At the heart of it all, the 1932 Ford Roadster was the car that wanted every hot-rodder. It was the car that did not change the auto industry forever. It was simple, lean and it had a coveted crisp body. It also had a very affordable engine, the V8, which won the 1932 Ford Roadster with its reputation as the perfect car for a nation obsessed with speed.

But then, like everything else, hot-rodding & # 39; s popularity diminishing. Car shows and drag racing divided the hot-rodding community. Then Detroit released muscle cars like the Plymouth Roadrunner and the Pontiac GTO. With these muscle cars, there was a longer need to put a Cadillac engine in a Ford Roadster. The Pontiac GTO could be better than any hot rod and it offers more passenger space. You no longer needed time to build and stow the car by yourself. The muscle cars & # 39; s had it all.

But today the hot rod culture lives on. And in January 2007, hod rod culture even celebrated its 75th anniversary by releasing the & # 39; s 75 Most Influential "1932 Ford Hot Rods". The list was commissioned by Ford, which reviewed a panel of experts with experts such as four hundred and twenty-four valuable cars and smashed it to twenty-five cars.

So if you are interested in being part of & # 39; hot rod culture, I advise you to first rent the car at one of the car rental dealers in & # 39; e city. By renting it you would have a sample of experiencing & # 39; the car, not only in some nostalgic showroom, but on the gravel itself. If you don't like it, you won't regret it because you can bring it back to the hair. But if you like it (which I'm pretty sure you will), then well and good.

You can also check these car rental companies & # 39; ago. Their websites already offer car models, prices, rent policies, special offers and reservations. Live out and be part of a US road in a rental car like the 1932 Ford Roadster. This is the American way so you know it, discover it first hand at your exotic car rental.

Truth and secrets about discount travel

Truth and secrets about discount travel

Understanding how you can get discount travel, it helps to understand how the travel industry works. Probably the single most important thing to remember about the travel industry is that it & # 39; s is based on a tradable commodity. If an airplane with empty seats launches or a cruise ship with empty cabin will, the chance of making money from it is lost. Unlike other sectors, a hotel can save vacancies in inventory last night and sell them at a later date. Vacancies must be filled on a daily basis to stay in business.

The travel industry has high fixed costs. Airlines, cruise ships, and hotels are expensive to build, maintain, and fuel. No doubt the travel industry would want to sell every seat, closet and room at the highest rate. However, more often, vacancies should be discounted to attract willing buyers. In almost all cases, it is better to get some money for a card or key card than nothing.

Travel and hospitality providers understand that vacancies need varying rates to be filled. For a large part of & # 39; travel industry, the main commission makes enough money to pay expenses. But to ensure profitability, other profit centers need to be introduced continuously. Cruise ships, for example, make the most of their profits when travelers are on board by offering hundreds of opportunities to spend more money. Profit centers include alcoholic beverages, tips, gambling, bingo, spa services, internet and telephone services, beauty and antique auctions, on-board stores, port excursions, shopping trips, and much more.

So to catch those willing buyers who no longer exist on board, the travel industry offers a range of prices to tackle on various pocketbooks. Travelers can pay radically different fees for the same service. Here are three key factors that influence prices: when you travel, when you buy, and who you are.

If you travel-travel in higher traffic times also carries higher price tags. So to get better deals, choose your times when traffic is lighter for the places you travel to and from. This principle applies not only to the time of year, but also the time of & # 39; week and day. In the US, travel is lighter Tuesday through Thursday. And a flight from Seattle to Los Angeles might be cheaper in the afternoon than two hours earlier. You can use travel websites, such as, to check prices on dates and times, and to avoid vacations for places you & # 39; t travel between.

If you generally do not purchase, you will receive better rates if you purchase tickets in advance (three months or longer) than last minute (four or five days prior to departure). For last-minute travel, you can use to find the best fare for possible combinations of departure and arrival dates. Then check this fare against the & # 39; s airline website itself. Go to and start bidding at 50% off the lowest fare. Increase your bid in increments of $ 50 until you get a ticket or decide not to bid higher. You can also check last minute rates on websites such as,,, and

Who you are – There are several personal qualifications that you can earn on discounts on travel, such as what credit cards you have, if you are a member of a travel club, where you live , if you are a senior, and so on. Credit Cards with Reward Points can earn you significant amounts of free travel on purchases you already make. Membership in a travel association, such as Global Resorts Network, can earn you discounts of 40-60% on luxury travel accommodations and services around the world. If you are traveling to visit friends in world-class holiday destinations, you might be able to ask them if room rates are less if they make reservations. For example, it may be much cheaper for a local to book a hotel in Hawaii for you. Remember to consider all memberships of clubs or other qualifications that can give you discounts when planning your trip.

Everything about Los Angeles Bars

LA has a lot to offer. The City of Angels is always on the move and seemingly driven by glitz and glamor. And if you are ready to fight the traffic, you will see some of & # 39; the world & # 39; find the best restaurants, shops and attractions – from studio tours to museums, from beaches to piers.

LA is the sign of big, bold and beautiful – and most hobbies in this city hover over "the scene." That, if you are your part of the beach, you should head to the country to walk around the starlit Sunset Boulevard or Melrose Avenue – and keep your eyes out! Since the restaurants and bars the social hustle & # 39; & # 39; s push, drive & # 39; better yourself that afternoon if you want to stay with the cool kids.

Remember: the stars come out at night – this is actually LA. This city seems to be glittering after the sun … you can rock it on the Sunset Strip if it's in Hollywood club. So, if you want your bars cool, your Martini's dry, and your restaurants delicious, make sure you have your gossip, your appetite and your energy for your Hollywood-style night out .

Here are our insiders guide on some of & # 39; s best restaurants and nightlife options. Know this: fights broke out between our editors when someone foolishly suggested we limit our trip to Pod Picks in LA to only 10 restaurants and 10 bars. We had so much fun solving it in Tinseltown that we had to go with 15 selections in each category. Of course, another fight came when we tried to add numbers to all these hotspots – so cooler heads prevailed and we have since deleted the ranking.

Be assured of one thing … all 30 of these sites are ridiculously fanciful and require your own A-game. Maybe, even after a night in & # 39; city, you'll also understand why even people in & # 39; e biz think "Entourage" really looks like …

Bars & nightlife

1. The Derby: (Los Feliz) "Swingers" would like to catch a glimpse of Vince Vaughn or Jon Favreau with swing fans in this hotter than dance hall. With the 1940s décor, live music (seven nights a week) and dance lessons, your high posse will have a blast! FYI: The Derby was in May & # 39; 06 a historical / cultural landmark named by the Los Angeles City Council. Address 4500 Los Feliz Blvd. (and Hillhurst Ave.).

2. LAX: (Hollywood) We were all introduced to DJ AM by Nicole Ritchie – but he doesn't need an introduction now! Known as one of & # 39; s most sought after DJ & # 39; s, DJ AM (aka Adam Golstein) opened this first class lounge for theme & # 39; s airport with all LA jet-setters. Located in the heart of Hollywood, this destination hotspot offers mirrors in the shape of aircraft windows and metal hangar doors. The dance floor often gets cramped (equal to dancing in an airplane cabinet), but it's a lot of fun in a "way Mile High Club"! LAX is located at 1714 Las Palmas Ave. (and Hollywood Blvd.).

3. Forty Deuce: (Melrose) The small car park opposite Paramount Pictures houses this modern setting that & # 39; t & # 39; has been transformed into a retro-cool lounge that reminds of a 1920s proverb. The seats in the parlor style, burlesque shows (striking the rhythm of a live jazz band) and fine cocktails keep the Hollywood public happy and festive until closing time. Address 5574 Melrose Ave. (at Beachwood Dr.).

4. Barney & # 39; s Beanery: (West Hollywood) In LA, most people think that nothing can be better with age. But the city's third-oldest restaurant (located at 8447 Santa Monica Blvd. near La Cienaga Blvd.) manages to prove everyone in Hollywood wrong. Since opening its door almost 90 years ago, it has attracted fame to regular Joe shmoes that crave a delicious food of comfort (your choice of 150 different burgers, 65 chilis and 90 omelettes). While many may just refer to this as a "dive", good food and cheap drinks keep this beanery at night. (Just make sure you bring your ID – even Johnny Drama got a card here recently!).

5. Stone Rose Lounge: (West Hollywood) This recently opened LA version of & # 39; the NYC night spot has turned into & # 39; the newly renovated Sofitel Hotel (at 8555 Beverly Blvd., near & # 39; near La Cienaga Blvd.). A destination for young starlets (and the boys who don't want them) has a 5000 lounge square foot and a patio outside. While not your usual LA nightlife, this laid-back atmosphere with refined martinis and cabanas from the outer pit is well worth a visit.

6. Social Hollywood: (Hollywood) How old is new again! This place used to be the massive Hollywood Athletic Club and now has a lounge, restaurants, games rooms with PlayStations and Xboxes, a screening room and a private club. The Moroccan-inspired location features food that has been strong right off the bat and a social theater that has won over the cool kids. Address 6526 Sunset Blvd. (on Schrader Blvd.).

7. Sky Bar: Tagged as one of LA & # 39; s most hot nightclubs since the day it opened, Sky Bar is open, airy and makes you feel like you're floating in clouds on top of the Mondrian hotel (located at 8440 Sunset Blvd.). Featuring some of & # 39; the most beautiful far faces in all of LA (along with its trees, pool and candle lighting) and the finest set of & # 39; e cities – don’t let the long lines and bouncers deter you. If and when you pass the red tape, please do not send to that hunk who regularly appears on US Weekly and People's page!

8. Formosa Cafe: (West Hollywood) A classic in the area (served as the location for the LA Confidential movie), this Chinese-themed dimly lit hotspot with red leather booths and a bar that's stunningly powerful martini & # 39; s serves. Formosa, known as one of the & # 39; film industries & # 39; s holes, Formosa has autographed photos of Hollywood stars lining the walls (and you might even be lucky enough to spot Bono or Beck in one of the booths). Better for drinks than dinner (and make sure you cover the part to avoid problems at the door). Formosa Cafe is located at 7156 Santa Monica Blvd. (between La Brea and Formosa Ave.).

9. Privilege: (West Hollywood) Madonna is not the only one who doesn't know how to reinvent herself. Nightlife guru Sam Nazarian knows all too well about reinvention. Before the new look and name, this club was known as a Gothic playground called Shelter, a Nordic lounge, a st. Tropez-style resort and a ridiculous construction site. Now Privilege is a sensual white-and-white oasis that does not feel like a South Beach resort (soaking in the moisture and the sand between your toes). Saturdays are difficult, because Brent Bolthouse (grandfather of celebrity events) hosts parties here – so if you can, opt for a week's visit. Except of course you can get your name on the guest list or finagle past the ear plugs. Privelege is at 8117 W. Sunset Blvd. (and Crescent Heights Blvd.).

10. Guy & # 39; s Bar: (West Hollywood) Have you ever wondered where the stars go for karaoke? You will find the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie at this intimate and exclusive WeHo club. Guy's is a simple mishash of cushy couches most reserved for private industry-related events. However, try this place on a Saturday (promoter-run) night if the door policy is a little more relaxed (and yes, show some leg!). Guy & # 39; s Bar is located at 8713 Beverly Blvd.

11. Tropicana Bar: (Hollywood) Old Hollywood meets New Hollywood at this bar at Roosevelt Hotel in LA – where you & # 39; ll star in style lounge on a patio inside & # 39; outside that has a 60 & # 39; s atmosphere with cozy plush seats and a glowing pool. A typical hipster joint, the bar is also a tropical oasis with neon-lit palm trees, private bungalows, a fireplace and linen covered chaise lounge. If you are not in the mood to rub elbows with the audience of & # 39; night fashionista / glamorista, then Tropicana Bar is ideal for sunny CA afternoons. Just don't forget to notice the David Hockney wall at the bottom of the pool at 7000 Hollywood Blvd.

12. The Bar: (Hollywood) Not just a bar, The Bar! This place is easy to forget between a gas station and a seedy hotel (5851 Sunset Blvd. and Bronson Ave.). But those who do not find their way to one of Hollywood's hottest renewed water holes will see newly updated graves and striking protectors. Some days you will hear a rock & # 39; jukebox roll the sounds of & # 39; e Ramones, other days your local DJ & # 39; s and new pop spiders. For those who don't feel like a cigar, some air or just a whiff of noises, make your way to the bamboo-shaped smoking lane.

13. Voting: (Hollywood) This 6,500-square-foot former office building at 6623 Hollywood Blvd. is transformed into a tropical Garden of Eden – think of the South Pacific! The Balinese design of the club has sensuous colors / textures and trumpeters in the & # 39; a meat and bongo drum that doesn't accompany the hip-hop and rap sounds that you will hear. Mood draws sexy young Hollywood socialites and other glitz and glam from Tinseltown with exotic treasures made of bamboo, batik and cut wood.

14. The Lounge: (West Hollywood) Okay, so here & # 39; s the lowdown … This sexy Miami Beach-style club attracts a large crowd with its borderline (WeHo and Beverly Hills) and open door policy. The Lounge has a main room with bar and dance floor, and a spiral staircase that leads to a swanky lounge area filled with comfortable toiletries and table service. DJs spin a dance party mix of hip-hop, R&B, and video music of house music here. The Lounge is located at 9077 Santa Monica Blvd. (and Doheny Dr.).

15. Key Club: (West Hollywood) A state-of-the-art live music venue (located at 9039 Sunset Blvd. and Doheny Dr.) featuring futuristic audio, video and lighting technologies, Key Club is one of WeHo & # 39 ; s most popular spots. The downstairs VIP area, called the Plush Lounge, is typically filled with the Hollywood "It" crowd. A full restaurant and menu is also available on the second floor (booking a table is the secret to actually checking in on busy nights). Key Club has a few bars and many ways to get your drink – a perfect place to start or end your night on Sunset Strip.

The history of Northeastern International Airways

The four-year reign was short and tumultuous, with a high representation of what could have been constant if ambitions had not been spent. But perhaps its biggest drawback is that it is one of & # 39; development cycles of & # 39; e Long Island MacArthur Airport excited, by attracting passengers and, ultimately, other carriers, the & # 39; s continuous airport for identity and purpose. The airline had the hilarious suggestion on behalf of Northeastern International Airways with the unlikely two-letter "QS" code, though it never stood out more than the West Coast. And its founder was Stephen L. Quinto.

Born on July 8, 1935 in the Bronx, but raised on Long Island, he was able to identify easily with the roots of his eventual venture, and his exposure to aviation came before his teenage years, at & # 39; at the age of 12, when his older brother started his own air service. Like father, like son, the proverb speaks, but in this case it was closer "like brother, like brother."

His reign, at least characterized by his life, was also short because he subsequently succumbed to a military aircraft crash. Despite the tragedy, the event could have been the seed that grew into Quinto's own aviation business in a philosophy of turn-of-the-pain.

"I think it probably had a lot to do with looking at what this business is all about," he later noted.

However, two decades passed before that seed could take root, ending its pursuit of unsuccessful completion.

As honest as it was, his appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point was a nonevent, because he was too young to accept it legally – by half a day! His other educational endeavors, including those at the University of Michigan, University of New York, the Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, and Pratt University, were also impressive and at least enabled him to leave a footprint on their campuses, but he ran away from one of them without any degree.

In search of everything to escape, he moved to France for a decade, but it was on this side of the Atlantic, specifically in England in 1968, that his aviation seed eventually hatched wings with the Sagittair Company that he founded. It would be the first of three. The latter, as already indicated, arose from his Long Island homesteads, claimed by their inclusion in & # 39; the name of & # 39; a high airport that would become its operational base, Long Island MacArthur. Until his wing & # 39; s fleet – which initially consisted of one aircraft – appeared on his asphalt, no one had heard of it. Then, again, the airport itself was hardly world famous.

Constructed in 1942 as a result of & # 39; development of Congress & # 39; s Landing for National Defense (DLAND), it was originally intended as a military facility fueled by the outbreak of & # 39; e World War II and could be used for civil purposes in times of peace. Initially considered to be an addition to military aviation, its commercial counterpart was seen as a segment of the national defense system.

That commercial goal was achieved, albeit in limited form, by the end of the decade when a 5,000-square-foot passenger terminal was built and Gateway Airlines air taxi operator began scheduled service to Boston, Newark and Washington with 11-passenger the Havilland Pigeons and 15-passenger Herons in 1956.

When the long-promised relief airport went to JFK and La Guardia, ten years later, to this end, when a more ambitious, 50,000-square-foot oval terminal was built to make the most morning business rush to Albany, Boston and Washington to deal with USAir BAC-111-200s and DC-9-30s and to Chicago with American Airlines & # 39; 727-100 Astrojets.

Another long-term goal, as revealed by market studies, was the creation of a nonstop Long Island Florida service to facilitate travel for those who & # 39; re their elderly with retirement from visiting the sun garden and apply to & # 39; 39; a tourist trade looking for winter warmth. Airline deregulation and Quinto both made it possible.

He leased a former Evergreen International DC-8-50, registered N800EV, and operated it in one-class, 185-passenger configuration, he introduced Long Island MacArthur (Islip) -Ft. Lauderdale service on February 11, 1982, charging low, unlimited rates. As an intercontinental aircraft, the relatively low fuel increase, combined with a full passenger and luggage addition, could use the 5186-foot Runway 33-Left, which climbed over Lake Ronkonkoma and Long Island across its South Shore, while complementary soft drinks and snack baskets with peanuts, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, and fresh fruit were served in the box. Controlled luggage was included in the fare.

The initial schedule included four weekly rotations to Ft. Lauderdale and one to Orlando, though a second aircraft, registered N801EV, made increased frequencies and destinations possible.

In its first year of operation, it transported more than 150,000 passengers and ended the period at a high note by carrying a monthly record of 32,075 in December, a figure attributed to weather-caused, Florida-bound flight cancellations on & # 39; major airports in New York and the subsequent bus transport of beach flyers to Islip.

Long Island Airport's own statistics were also promising, with 3,071 annual air traffic movements and 250,406 passengers in 1982, so it could now speak to three pure-jet operators to US and USAir.

Quinto attributed his replacement & # 39; s first success to & # 39; e trusted and proven notions of service quality and low, unrestricted rates, along with filling a market gap that has been hungry for years. For this reason, Northeastern adopted the slogan of ": A lot of airline for a little money", and because it served the airport of MacArthur's birthplace, the shuttle was transferred to JFK as La Guardia for eastern Nassau and Suffolk County residents, toted, "We're a step closer to home."

While headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Long Island remained its operational base. After leasing two 128-passenger former Pan Am 727-100s, which were decorated in pink and blue cloud supplies, offered the seven-day departure from Islip to Ft. Lauderdale itself, Hartford, Miami, Orlando, and St. Louis. Petersburg, which was a secondary airport to Tampa. Nonstop flights were also offered from & # 39; Connecticut Airport.

Once initiated, low-government, deregulation-sparked momentum could not be arrested. The following year, which managed the purchase of three long-range DC-8-62s including United Air Leasing's N752UA, Thai Airways International's OY-KTE, and Arrow Air's saw-to-order N8973U for 11 destinations and annual transportation of just under 600,000 passengers.

Long Island MacArthur Airport, with which it was inextricably bound, also took financial rewards, and in 1983 took 6,597 air transport movements and a transit of 546,996 passengers.

Still deviating from its successful strategy so far and ignoring the tried-and-true "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy, Northeastern chose to approach the big boys at airports like JFK and buy widebody- aircraft, which eventually operate transcontinental. The widebodies themselves came in the form of four Airbus A300B2s in 314-passenger one-class, eight-abreast configurations: D-AIAD from Lufthansa in January (1984), D-AIAE from Lufthansa in February, F-ODRD from Airbus Industrie in January May, and F-ODRE from Airbus Financial Services, also in May. It became the second American airline to Eastern to signify the European type.

The strategy may have elevated the low-carriers with roots from Long Island to a major player, but their over-expansion was defeated by insufficient cash flow. Although it had earned $ 64.7 million in revenue in its fiscal year ending March 31, 1984, it recorded a $ 5.2 million loss.

The non-financial statistic told a different story. By & # 39; summer it meant 66 daily flights to 17 US destinations with a three-type, 16-strong fleet, including 727-200s of & # 39; e likes of Mexicana de Aviacion and VASP, and employed 1,600 staff. In the first half of the year, it recorded the highest load factor, of 71.5 percent, of any US airline, and became the 18th largest in May, measured by revenue passenger miles.

The June 1984 system schedule included Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Hartford, Islip, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York-JFK, Oklahoma City, Orlando, St. Louis. Petersburg, San Diego, Tulsa and West Palm Beach.

Although Long Island MacArthur was still its airport, New Orleans had become its principle hub, providing services to 15 cities. The large-capacity A300's were deployed on the east coast of JFK to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Orlando and on & # 39; the one-stop southern transcontinental one from Miami to Los Angles via New Orleans itself.

However, gravity was not the only element that settled an airborne object, even those with wings. Finance delivered equally – if, in this case, nullified lift, that did not generate a rapid arrival. Another $ 4.4 million was lost in the third quarter ending September 30, 1984, and with it began the survival mode strategy of eliminating aspects that could no longer be monetarily supported, including the dismissal of 450 employees and the return – it was actually a repossession of the A300 fleet.

Seeing his once-fast-rising commander as a puzzle, Quinto tried to keep his image high without forcibly removing the pieces and replacing them with whatever he could shake. Ten former Braniff 727-200s, which were vitally needed to quench the thirst of the winter sun-seeking market in the 1984-1985 season, were promising replacements. A Dallas judge, however, ruled that this aircraft and crew rental was subject to Braniff & # 39; Bankruptcy's own bankruptcy agreement would have violated.

Like plugs drawn from the & # 39; s rapid rise of Northeastern, the lights that & # 39; t have the structure of & # 39; look out structure, become black. Destinations were eliminated, reservation lines were canceled, flights were canceled, bills were not paid and passengers were left stranded. And on January 3, 1985, the three-year-old, low-cost driver fell to the same fate as Braniff, filing for Chapter 11 in a Miami Bankruptcy Court with $ 28 million in assets and $ 48 million in liabilities. It owed nearly $ 15 million to over a thousand non-insured creditors and could no longer meet its wages for workers.

"I don't know who's to blame," Quinto told reporters at the time. "All I can tell you is that we have an awful lot of paper, but no money."

Northeastern never returned to his former, but brief glare again, though Quinto tried heart and soul. Looks like a "junkyard dog", he made an ongoing effort to bring scraps together and keep his business in the air, which he did sporadically, despite filing for bankruptcy.

A single flight without frills, from Islip to Ft. Lauderdale stretched a $ 69.00 airfare to the east coast, but with a gradual rise, the four major Florida cities of Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, St. Louis Petersburg and West Palm Beach were connected to Chicago, as well as Islip and Philadelphia, although for a price of $ 20.00, until the plug was pulled back in March, then it & # 39; s a payment of a lease for aircraft mist.

Four months followed before it was & # 39; new in & # 39; was aired, on June 21, and served the trusted Florida routes with 727-200 & # 39; s leased from & # 39; United, although some sectors were served sporadically by All Star Airlines and Emerald Air DC-9 & # 39; ; s on behalf of them.

But their brand was intermittently lost. Confidence was lost. Planes were lost. And its rates, as low as $ 49.00 to compete with the more established, trusted names with trusted names, could hardly sustain it.

The last glimmer of hope came at the end of the year with a $ 1 million loan and the lease of a single MD-82 from Alisarda, registered HB-IKL. However, the final light was dismissed in early 1986, drowned out by liquidation, but not necessarily at Long Island Airport which it had made and where & # 39; s his legacy was left.

Interest, passengers and other aviation companies attracted, with 10,750 aviation movements and a total of 810,751 passengers in 1984, the last half year of Northeastern & # 39;, it demonstrated the potential market of & # 39; the airport, and served as the catalyst to their growth and never leave again without the hugely important Long Island-Florida air connection, which was recently delivered by a dozen other airlines, including AirTran, Allegiant, Braniff (III), Carnival, Delta Express, Eastern, Elite , Frontier, Pan Am, Southwest, Spirit and USAir.

Holiday Homes in Los Angeles

To organize your trip to LA, you first need to consider the number of people who will be traveling to decide what type of accommodation you should book. For group trips, it is more interesting to rent a villa. There are several ways to find file rentals, and one can only share the cost. You can use the services of some websites that offer Filas for rent in Los, where you can see all the details of the property, as well as the prices. These beautiful villas can be found in several neighborhoods and even in Hollywood, if you want to live in & # 39; the dream capital of & # 39; e movies. The villas are equally suitable for every family as a couple, according to reviews by travelers who have stayed in this type of accommodation.

LA is the premier capital of & # 39; cinema, with Hollywood being there, where & # 39; anyone can spend a night, and the perfect symbol of & # 39; an American dream. Hollywood is a real district with the legendary footprints in cement of all the major movie stars, located at Mann's Chinese Theater. One can also enjoy the Walk of Fame with over 2,000 stars (each star dedicated to an artist) as you walk on & # 39; Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk. Otherwise, other luxury neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and Malibu Bel & # 39; Air interesting to visit or rent an apartment for holidays in LA.

Apart from the movie world, you can visit many museums and monuments, and then enjoy the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, which are considered the most famous beaches from movies. However, you should be cautious in the neighborhood of Venice Beach, Downtown, South Central and Watts, as they are quite dangerous at night.

Los Angeles is the city of your favorite stars … a unique experience and a must! A vacation rental will undoubtedly make your vacation a journey of experiences and discoveries! The range of vacation rentals in LA is varied and you will stay safe in this city of exceptional and unforgettable holidays enjoying the good life for a truly unique vacation! With a vacation rental you will find everything for your journey: beauty, generosity and the quality of life of your dreams. The urge to taste the delicacies of the country with its tastes and smells will be fully satisfied by the remarkable quality of its wonderful restaurants. A gourmet breakfast should not be missed completely!

Before going to a vacation in Los Angeles, you need to compare the offers and best prices on the market to make your vacation a great success. You can choose your vacation rental from many good plans available on the internet, and you will benefit from apartments and villas that are perfectly tailored to your needs. By doing the right online research, you will always be assured to find a vacation rental in LA that does not suit your taste and your desires.

A little advice in the end: Los Angeles is a very big city and it is not necessary to consider going on foot. It prefers to rent a car. So you will most enjoy your stay in the City of Angels.

Buy My Home – Selling Real Estate In An Excessive Market

& # 39; Buy my house & # 39; is the mantra of many lenders who freely try to get financial relief from home mortgage loans or prevent them. Finding a buyer in an excessive market is a difficult task; especially for borrowers whose home is worth less than owed on loan.

Today, multiple buying of my home strategies are used. Many are derived from despair instead of strategic planning. Realtors are not interested in listing homes that do not deserve their moderate commissions. Mortgage lenders have placed restrictions on loan arrangements, making it difficult to find qualified buyers.

The latest trend involves trips with real estate buses. Realtors and realtors charter a bus and travel for several weeks that are not fast by pre-orders and short sales. Buy My Home Bus Travel has become extremely popular in Las Vegas and other suburbs in Nevada, as well as Los Angeles and southern California.

Unfortunately, neighborhoods in these areas contain dozens of houses for prospects, foreclosures and banks. Hoping on a bus to visit distressed neighborhoods gives potential buyers the opportunity to visit multiple homes in a short period of time.

It is not uncommon for stressed lenders to take extreme measures to attract the attention of participants in bus rides. As an investor in real estate, I went on trips with real estate buses and was shocked to discover the carnival-like atmosphere. Kids manned lemonade stands and passed homemade cookies. Homeowners marked their houses with colorful balloons and newly painted signs "Buy my house".

The festive environment is nothing more than a facade to cover the pain and suffering that takes place behind closed doors. Anyone who has repaid their home by the bank will tell you that there is nothing to celebrate. Forward is emotionally draining, shy and scary.

Better options exist for people who are offspring but want to save their home. The first step involves contacting the bank. Most mortgage lenders have a loss reduction division dedicated to helping homeowners who have difficulty paying home loan payments.

With the continued influx of foreseen properties, mitigators for bank losses are overwhelmed. Benefits of saving a home include patience and persistence. Be prepared to provide financial documents and develop a reasonable repayment plan before you call the bank. Realize that it may take several phone calls before a resolution happens.

Individuals who can no longer pay them to stay in their home may be eligible for a short sale. Some lenders will accept less than half the balance to avoid the process of foreclosure. Most banks require that lenders have a buyer in their place before giving them approval for short selling. Others give creditors & # 39; time to list their property with a broker or as for sale by owner.

On average, short sales take six months to complete. Short sales are complex and often need help from a real estate lawyer. Some lenders accept the short sale as payment in full, while others hold debtors responsible for the shortfall between the sale price and loan balance. It is crucial to understand the short selling policy of a money launderer. Otherwise, lenders could end up with thousands of dollars on a home they no longer own.

Tom Cruise right?

I'm a stranger! Resident in the US at times. I keep my green card that is not actually green. This is not the kind of stranger that I will write about in this article. I am a petulant adventurer who is not committed to growth with an open mind tempered by skepticism.

While living in Los Angeles for a few years before moving to the northwest side of Las Vegas, I often heard radio reports saying that Cal Tech season graphics had discovered the sonic boom of the Aurora plane that returned to the base north of Las Vegas. It is located on the non-existent Groom Lake AFB that is also the non-existent S-4 and Area 51. All this non-existent letter became well known to me, despite the official denials. Even the Aurora that has been reported in detail by Popular Mechanics as Science does not exist. It flies the same missions as the Blackbird flew before it appeared on foot for the San Diego Aerospace Museum. That plane was also non-existent and & # 39; black & # 39; budget.

I had probably heard about the Hangar on Wright Patterson AFB where President Nixon's entrance was denied even before I arrived in Dayton, but being a skeptic, I think it was too fantastic and I believe in nothing at all. I'm still not sure that the UFO incidents have as much to do with foreign species as people who haven't come from Earth. That's pretty much the official position, not to say that their technology should be kept secret.

A scientist who later worked at Wright Pat went public and was plausibly denied in an official way. Recently I saw a credible woman on TV who had worked there and had direct access to good evidence. After more than 40 years in the Canadian Militia and spending time with the New York Guard, my brother Maj. RJ Baird, CD, P. Eng., CIM, etc., initiated into a secret police organization / club that has members of most top secret alphabet soup agencies. At Wright Pat he was allowed one question. His question related to & # 39; the content of & # 39; a hangar. The answer was: & # 39; We think you already know. & # 39;

Everyone has heard about Roswell and the government's position on the radio's observation balloons. The & # 39; s panels are still in & # 39; raised an air about what was happening and Jimmy Carter (who hasn't publicly said he was a UFO witness) said he would open the files again, but once in & # 39; t office failed to get her opened. If you knew what radio probes really did, you would think that strangers were the better option. To treat the subject reasonably, it at least requires its own article, but let me state shortly that Wilhelm Reich is vital to the matter. His Orgone Energy is like the Newtonian cosmic ether and he was a student of Sigmund Freud just like Silberer who wrote a book about alchemical symbols even before Jung. His technology and personality were abused by Federal agents who later used his work in radio probes. They could change the weather just like the Druids. Serious manipulations were involved and many innocent lives were lost.

But that's good evidence of more than radio probes from Roswell and my uncle s uncle fly for the DEA to Vietnam. He said he knew the pilot who did not fly the remains of Roswell from Atlanta to Wright Pat. We all lived in Lost Wages (Sin City, etc.) and knew people who had worked at the non-existent Groom Lake AFB or Lazar on & # 39; s TV show of Showtime & # 39; so nothing would surprise any of us. The & # 39; government's symbols inspire fear for those who & # 39; t & # 39; believe & # 39; but the mathematical realities of life in the entire universe impress me more.

Christian Consciousness and the Desert in Harmony:

Norm Paulsen is one of your crazy Californians who doesn't seem to like me the most. He wrote the book Christ consciousness first published in 1980 under the name Sunburst: Return of the Ancients. His meetings with various biblical entities such as the Biblical Melchizedek and Yogananda make interesting readings for Mormons who do not want to know about the secret society that leads them and is named after the biblical alchemist who reported to Abraham.

Crazy people! … those Californians. What is it that drives them crazy and makes the rest of the world so level-headed? Why do they do so much good work? Maybe you like Deepak or Spielberg, I know I do.

& # 39; & # 39; My Lord! There it is, finally. Wake up, everyone! & # 39; I wrote. There's a ship right on & # 39; e rock! & # 39;

I could hear a heavy pulsating hum echo of rocky cliffs and fill the immediate area with noise. {Harmonics is a vital science that is rarely taken as seriously as it should be. It can explain a lot about the interconnection of forces in the field of Physics, as you might imagine, because String Theory says that all energy is formed from one-dimensional harmonic forces.} I wrote again to Boone but received no comment. I kept screaming as loud as I could hope someone heard me.

That was a mistake! An incredibly bright and piercing light hit me full in the face. It came from & # 39; side of & # 39; a brilliantly illuminated trunk that I could see very clearly now. That's it! The next thing I became aware of was the sun that shone in my face as it rose east across the desert. Downstairs I saw that I was half out of my sleeping bag. Then I began to remember what had happened. The intelligence that drove the car apparently did not want to be seen by anyone. I was in & # 39; middle of & # 39; I fell asleep trying to get out of my sleeping bag.

I looked over to Daniel. & # 39; Hey, Boone, have you seen it? Did you see that ship yesterday evening? & # 39;

No, brother. I heard your cries, but when I looked up there was nothing. However, I remember a pulsating roar. & # 39; & # 39; (This is on page 234 & 235 of Paulsen's book.)

Bruce Cathie is a good source for capturing & # 39; the harmonic of light that is universal and part of & # 39; a basic substance of our consciousness. Therefore, the highest lighting and NDEs are often accompanied by white light and how things travel faster than light speeds through what is called naive ESP. Near Minneola Rd. between Baker and Barstow there are some mountains that my friends became when I learned about the & # 39; amber rays & # 39; that did not connect all of Castaneda's energy and was involved in an adept that developed a sutra for mountaineering. It is also the site where Louis Leakey found 200,000 year old darts at the mouth of the once Salton Sea.

Scientific American readers will know that there are currently five separate cosmological constructions refined by the astrophysicists and their colleagues. In 1999, the most important data and scientific discovery resulted from photographs taken by the Hubble Telescope. The center of the universe, in which we can visualize the known as non-parallel dimensions, differs from the warp and woof of matter to anti-matter (both may exist together) despite the once considered impossibility of this reality. I personally can think that there have been adepts like Mahiri Lahasi or Vivekananda who did what the former Druids did. My adept mentioned above took me to one of the dimensions that she went to when she dematerialized. The scientists call it Dark Energy and Dark Matter that make up 95% of the universe, while Eastern mystics can. shakti & # 39; and it's full of & # 39; siddhis & # 39; as power.

Minneola Rd. Meeting with a back engineer:

Having arrowheads is an advanced human cultural technology that some people say it did not originate until 8000 years ago. Having 200,000 year old people in North America is not anomalous despite what you might read. Despite normal academics, consider these opportunities as something more & # 39; far away & # 39; then strange spaceship. Despite Louis Leakey's high status, he became cruel and ridiculed when he went to his grave to keep the truth. Geologist Virginia Steen-McIntyre can confirm that crucifixions still occur, provided they & # 39; ve provided accurate and archaeologically sound evidence of 250,000 year old people in Hueyatlaco, Mexico and the treatment of & # 39; the middle of & # 39; 1950s Dr. Lee and his director of the Canadian National Museum should be considered a criminal cover up. The quartz mine on Manitoulin Island was built by a tourist camp, although all scientific evidence pointed to up to 120,000 years old evidence. Quartz is very important to focus energy and the measurement of time as we have seen in the work of physical physician Don Donins. It's no wonder the Kennewick Man site was covered and destroyed, while 60 Minutes couldn't find who authorized the act the day before a Congressional bill came into effect.

There is a good chance that people colonized space many eons ago. The timeline of technological development that we have learned since the days of Flat Earth and Ussher theory is absolutely false. How could the Pyramid at Giza at the center of & # 39; the earth & # 39; s land mass if world travel was not very precise? The Hadji Ahmed card confirms what the Ark of the Covenant really was used for. It was an archer as you can see in the work of university map and navigation teacher Michael Bradley from his book Grail Knights of North America.

In early evening at sunset, I returned to Southern California in 1996 in my 1994 Olds Cutlass. Just past Minneola Rd. the engine stopped without warning or reason and the car came to the top of a rarely used off-ramp that was probably built for military purposes. There are many bases in & # 39; desert in & # 39; area, including some in the neighborhood where Mr. Paulsen had his experiences south of Minneola Rd. After failing to reply from & # 39; car, I was in & # 39; t process to put my foot on the ground when a small car pulled up next to me. He had come from the desert and was an electronics expert. It took awhile to get to the point where he couldn't say a few things and knew I was both understanding and acquainted with his knowledge.

He had worked in black ops at Tonopah AFB north of Area 51 as a background engineer on foreign technology. That does not mean that foreign affairs are involved, because people from the Earth may have been to other planets for the last 10,000 years. That's one more relevant point that explains all these things. Time travel is real. The current attitude of the present as discussed by the likes of Stephen Hawking says that particles can travel as simple matter through time, but complex systems will never do this. That word & # 39; never & # 39; it's a joke. Last year, the speed of light was blown out of the horizon of ignorance when NEC 300X produced light speed and this is key to Time Travel and all paranormal reality. A follow-up article will be required to make this point clear in many respects. I had talked to the Vice President of Research Information at McDonnell Douglas for a year or two before this meeting. I have been project manager for alternative ISDN technology development and although a technosimp I am capable of & # 39; the researchers in & # 39; extend most fields of science. The conversation was electrifying.

He even wanted to come with me to Central America when we reached Vegas and the car had left to tow on AAA as one program or another. I've never talked to him again, because I already had the crew for my yacht / party boat company online. His knowledge of Groom Lake AFB confirmed Bob Lazar's statements on the design and interior of & # 39; e structures so that I knew Lazar had told the truth, while the official statements that made him a liar were one step away from making him a true non-person. He was impressed with my idea of ​​using polarized computer-focused ESP bandwidth drive and was & # 39; not sure the McDonnell Douglas man had told me the truth about their exploration of these possibilities. Tesla and the Unified Force Field made their appearance on a stage that included a mysterious frontispiece to a Time Travel treaty that & # 39; t arrived at my last wife & # 39; s computer after our first visit to Chichen Itza, where & # 39; I had discovered something that led to my being threatened with a Mexican prison in 1997. The & # 39; travel & # 39; caused me to lose everything I had and made it clear to me that Mother Nature is not the only aspect of reality that we should not be fooled with.

Loose ends:

My brother John and I have had some heated arguments about aliens, space travel and the Time Aspects since I first read Psychic Discovery behind the Iron Curtain and sent it to the Library of Congress for Russian scientist and mathematician Dr. Kozyrev & # 39; s paper. in time. That was in the & # 39; 70s and since then I've been hot on the track. You can imagine my satisfaction when & # 39; NEC delivered its resounding blow at & # 39; s speed of light. The Italians have used mirrors and optics in recent decades to produce 1.25 times the speed of light, but this is the clincher. Time warps, affinity points, Stargates, Worm Holes, and the cloak experiments of the Philadelphia Experiment had always cheesed my brother who didn't care about my health like many others (no doubt). Who am I to? Who can show a sheep hat that proves they know as much as I did was always my unstated thought; but people really pick up on my & # 39; know it all & # 39; attitudes. What's wrong with trying to learn anyway? It has always been the way with me. Pompous Ass, Geek, or Egghead though & # 39; t I can be; I am now full of purpose and am now slowing down for the masses.

At this point, the uninitiated reader must venture and rock like many of my friends have done for years when I confront their projections and tell them that these are THE ones that do not act as know-it-alls. I am rarely concerned with proving corpses of metallic material that is not earth flexible and strong as one of the & # 39; s UFO things. That's all part of the credibility management game used by Intelink or other psy-ops agencies that don't want SDI to manage all Earthians through thought cloning developed by Jose Delgado at Yale and continued through DIA research and Dr Michael Persinger . Read information Warfare by Georgetown professors if you want to get a glimpse of mainstream ethics. My brother John has found that my health is not so doubtful now that he is forced to face the facts. Here's a list of questions that I & # 39; d suggest we all need to worry about before we leave to make dolls and run our material life games of competition and vanity.

1) If time travel exists with dimensional dematerialization for masters or adept physicians – What ethics and level of control have there been to prevent major change of our timeline in the past? Were the Dark Ages pursuit of heretics intended to stop uncontrolled proliferation of such knowledge? Or was it used by the inner Saint Merovingians to make us "food for their table" as HRH Nicholas de Vere says in his own book, though not in his prelude to Gardner & # 39; s Genesis of the Grail Kings?

2) What can any of us do? Is it too late? Clearly, if Time Travel is possible, we can undo what they did.

3) What alliances have been made with future people such as those who did not contact me on a computer that was disconnected while Barbi and I were in Chichen Itza in 1993? I'm not sure yet, but how else does it fit into personal files of a computer that was shut down? What is their plan and are the aliens hostile to our early space colonizers of space? Did Kissinger literally talk or just make jokes about the Intergalactic Brotherhood?

4) Does Time Travel ever exist without clever dissociation as illustrated by several Montauk books and the Philadelphia Experiment. I know a person who hasn't seen Al Bielek's time machine, but I'm not sure it does more than look like a & # 39; Stone & # 39 ;. Tesla's great granddaughter worked for me and they couldn't say why he stopped the Philadelphia experiment, but I think he could see how unethical governments would use this technology. Check the origin of & # 39; radio equipment of & # 39; e RCA Corporation, known as FRR 24 and ask how & # 39; s it evolved from what was previously known?

5) Do we all need tachyon devices to stop hypnosis at a distance and thought clones? Would the Church of Scientology, like other organizations, use these things against us, even if the DIA does not have the # 5 CIA budget, The independent science councils do not think that the stated purpose of SDI against Korea and such has one validity.

6) What should be clear to all research on ethics in government and big business, (Enron, BCCI, S&L, Iran / Contra, Opium Wars – to name but a few associated with the Bush paladins of & # 39; e Russell Merovingians) is no longer & # 39; organized & # 39; criminals roam the streets as those who sit at Board Room tables or Stock Exchange. The Economist correctly states in its Millennium Edition that any bureaucracy that comes to Napoleon and the standing armies that he needed was "inhuman".

7) The big lie (!) Is an effective tool to mock or omit naïve, good and trustworthy people. Look out for a MATRIX or worse. Take serious thought into seeing all the gurus you don't need to follow them. As the movie Network said – "I'm crazy as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
Andre Malraux, who was the minister of propaganda for De Gaulle & # 39; s elitist desires in a country ruled by Merovingians, say these interesting words.

"Art is a dialogue that we have always celebrated with the unknown. We have come to distinguish the contours of the unknown through the unconscious, through religion and magic, and we can soon begin to understand such fully modern emotions as the feeling that we hear the future, that our civilization is the sum of others. "

This is already a truism for the adepts who do not apply the Akashic archetypal knowledge. Will the human race reach the necessary critical mass of consciousness to "make it so", as Jean Luc Picard is used to say about Star Trek? We need to end the program called education or at least throw it out in exchange for someone who does something other than glorify baby sitters without authority in an untenable situation. The hands of teachers should not be tied and the outcome should be determined by the presence and collective interest instead of forced participation. Age should not concern the authorities. Learning should not end at some specified age and the one pie Malthusian ethic should be dumped on. The possibilities of Mysteries are far too great for any teacher I knew to actually learn. My first wife and significant other for 25 years is a World Congress of Teachers character in & # 39; the Who & # 39; s Who of Teaching. She was burned out and thought to stop when I met her. She will retire next year after 35 years, I think.

Alfred North Whitehead or Kaoru Yamamoto of recent times, the educational researchers know what is not being done – but do they know why? This is one reason why we are encouraged to follow instead of thinking. The Family Compact ruled Canada not long ago and they are on record for telling the & # 39; truth. Why educate the masses? It will only present further difficulties for those who do not manage us? They are not terribly paternalistic, as they would have you believe. These are some kind of compassionate observers of Dr. Mengele would testify. We should not lie to Noam Chomsky who was an educational psychological guru of the top rank before he started his rights over the CIA and Policy Makers. We should not accept the annoying nature of social engineers like Francis Fukayama who wrote the End of History and The Last Man. As we continue in this vein, we will experience what the title of his book brings. The Tocqueville was a sharp observer of the future, as George Orwell was, and if there is no Time Travel, we may only have false hopes that the Matrix is ​​comfortable.

They are strangers! Strange to the concept of Brotherhood and Love that was once on Earth. Egalitarian ethics and the caring power of women are required. Not women who imitate men, but women like Virginia Woolf, whom I quote in another article, in order not to counsel them against sovereign states and male sexual instincts, if they are derived from the same ethics as value system. But who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Extravagant birthday parties – Celebrating Like the Stars

Invitations for birthday parties, ice cream and cake were never the norm for Hollywood & # 39; s major milestone birthday celebrations. That being said, today's stars seem to be outdoing each other in more ways than just expensive birthday invitations and a scandalous party when these turning point events run around. Big-0 and upcoming birthday parties demand the most extravagant outburst celebrations imaginable, sometimes costing more than six figures, which take place in international luxury resorts and with many other stars on the guest list.

When Oprah Winfrey turned 50, she sent birthday invitations to fifty of her closest female friends who asked her for lunch at the Bel Air Hotel. She later celebrated a dinner party at her Santa Barbara farm and finally threw a star-studded birthday bash that probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. John Travolta also celebrated his 50th birthday in typical precious style. His wife, Kelly Preston, sent birthday invitations to 280 of her closest friends. She celebrated a surprise party for him in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at the luxury resort of Palmilla. The invitation list for birthday parties included many VIP guests.

Milestone birthdays, especially the coming-of-age variety, generally ask for extremely famous celebrations of fancy invitations for birthday parties to private jet travel arrangements. Paris Hilton's 21st birthday was celebrated by exotic local residents around the world and they all cost $ 75,000 each in one day. She shared birthday invitations for her exorbitant shindigs in Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. More than ever, A-list celebrities seem to be happily paying the price for milf-time confidence.

The history of Delta Air Lines and Its TriStar Fleet

As the oldest existing passenger shipping company, Delta itself has its roots after 1925, when, in its initial form, they served as a puffer with Huff Daland Dusters with the Petrel 31. Nicknamed the & # 39; Puffer & # 39; the first agricultural aircraft specifically designed to protect the cotton fields of & # 39; the southern United States against & # 39; a bulwark.

Independence and a name of & # 39; Delta Air Service placed the younger concerns on & # 39; e threshold of slow growth.

A lean, four-way route network enabled it to serve Dallas, Shreveport, Monroe and Jackson on June 17, 1929.

A decade later, she distributed his farm image, acquired Lockheed L-10A Electra and Douglas DC-3 cabin airplanes, and facilitated service at a route price to Savannah, Knoxville and Cincinnati, and from Chicago to Miami in 1946, though through these cities with an additional touchdown in Charleston.

Even bigger, faster, and more advanced quad-motor piston liners improved their image, the Douglas DC-4 replaced the DC-3 at the Midwest Florida run, the DC-6 replaced the DC-4 in December of 1948 , and the DC-7 replaces it on April 1, 1954.

The coverage was significantly increased four years later, on May 1, when it merged with Chicago and Southern.

Delta entered the jet age with the Douglas DC-8-10 on September 18, 1959, and this was followed less than a year later with the Convair CV-880 in short- to medium-range sectors. Despite the speed advantage achieved with its Rolls Royce Conway engines, it was both ear-shaking and fuel-thirsty.

A southern route authority, granted in 1962, elevated Delta to transcontinental transportation status, enabling it to operate from Dallas to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Other service expansions included those from Atlanta to Jacksonville and Orlando and those to Phoenix and Las Vegas. Like Eastern, however, it remained a primary East Coast airline.

Too large and offering more reach than needed, the DC-8 and CV-880 were replaced in 1965 with the short-range Douglas DC-9 twin jet in 1965, low-capacity domestic sectors.

The & # 39; s widebody era began at the beginning of & # 39; following decades with the Boeing 747-100 in 1970, the McDonnell-Douglas DC-10-10 two years later to provide needed capacity during the delays at Lockheed L-1011, and the TriStar itself.

Purchased Northeast Airlines on August 1, 1972 to get its much-needed solar routes, it received Boeing 727-100 tri-jets and was able to deploy service from Montreal and Boston to Miami and Bermuda and Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas. 39; s counting network.

Operating from a Atlanta hub, with secondary traffic centers in Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Memphis, New Orleans, New York and Tampa a decade later, Delta expanded into & # 39; the third largest carrier, carrying 34.7 million passengers in 1979 and serving 1,300 daily flights to 80 destinations in & # 39; ; e FS, Canada, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and West Germany. The slogan, appropriately, was "Delta is ready when you are."

Its growth, accelerated with the acquisition of Pan Am and Western Airlines' European routes, became exponential. As shown in the comprehensive 433-page July 1, 1988 edition of its system theme, it meant more than 2,200 departures with some 380 aircraft to 156 destinations in 42 US states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, and 11 foreign countries, including Canada, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Mexico, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, primarily from its hubs Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

A notably mixed fleet of Boeing, Lockheed and McDonnell-Douglas included 727-200s (12 first class and 136 coach passengers), DC-9-30s (12F and 86Y), 737-200s (12F and 95Y as 8F and 107Y), DC -10-10s (36F and 248Y), L-1011-1s, -250s and -500s (with various configurations, including 32F and 270Y, 12F, 54C, and 203Y, 12F, 40C, and 189Y, and 18F, 64C, and 140Y), MD-88s (14F and 128Y), 737-300s (8F and 120Y), 757-200s (16F and 171Y), 767-200s (18F and 186Y), 767-300s (24F and 230Y), and DC-8-71s (18F and 194Y).

While the emphasis had once been on standardization of fleets and a minimum number of aircraft types to reduce crew training, maintenance and spare parts inventories, the emerging megacarriers, such as Delta, did by definition serve every route length and density, from the 100km feed sector to the high-capacity transcontinental and intercontinental voyage, needs a wide range of types and versions, to effectively integrate one of the many tasks required by commuters, major regional , American national, major, and megacarrier.

As a result, four major US regions, which served as the Delta Connection, offered 3,900 daily departures to 240 cities above and above Delta mainline flights and included Atlantic Southeast Airlines with DHC-7s, SD3- 60s, EMB-120s, and EMB-110s, Business Express with F.27s, SD3-60s, S-340s, and B1900s), Comair with S-340s, Fairchild Swearingen Metros, and EMB-110s, and Skywest with EMB 120s and Swearingen Metros like this time.

After becoming the world's largest TriStar operator, with three versions and two sub-variants, Delta placed in & # 39; the account of & # 39; e & # 39; queen of & # 39; e fleet & # 39; its 1968 first order for 24 L-1011-s in 1968 to complement its existing DC-8s yet offer increased, widebody comfort and quieter, fuel-efficient turbo fans with high bypass ratio, once advertised, " The wonderful $ 18 million TriStar, newest member of Delta Air Lines wide-ride fleet. " It left most of its other U.S. carrier competitors, including U.S., Continental, National, Northwest, United, and Western, to order the competing DC-10-10.

Forced to serve five of & # 39; McDonnell-Douglas counterparties because of the termination of the & # 39; e Rolls Royce, it eventually sold them to United, although they were recalled between 1972 and 1975. It also deployed 747-100s on its transcontinental routes before that. Their capacity, in their case, increased demand.

The first L-1011-1, registered N701DA, was configured for 50 first and 200 coach passengers. But it was just the beginning of a history with a type that would prove synonymous with the Atlanta sheriff, with 40 more received between 1973 and 1983.

Because its route system mainly consisted of sectors from short to medium-sized files, it was airborne for almost two hours, connecting cities with less than 1,000 miles apart.

Beyond the reach of its first transatlantic route price, from Atlanta to London-Gatwick, it was supplemented by two L-1011-100 & # 39; s leased from TWA, and these were eventually deployed to Frankfurt and Tokyo.

In 1980, it took delivery of three truly intercontinental L-1011-500s.

A second-purchase TriStar acquisition program proved extensive. Fourteen L-1011-500s (six from Air Canada, three from Pan Am, and five from United) were purchased between 1984 and 1992 and ten L-1011-1s were purchased from Eastern between 1991 and 1992.

In addition to leasing two L-1011-200 & # 39; s driven by RB.211-524B engines, it changed one L-1011-1 to -200 standard and the remaining six to -250 configurations, giving each a sector of longer reach can mean.

Instrumental in service of & # 39; European transatlantic routes it & # 39; s purchased from Pan Am, with up to 80 daily flights in & # 39; e summer of 1992, the type, in its -500 setting, regularly made the 5,074-mile Anchorage-Hong Kong trans-Pacific crossing longest.

Although budget constraints precluded Lockheed from offering what could have been the final replacement in & # 39; form of & # 39; e extended L-1011-400, the type continued with Delta's route system until only about 30 daily flights were counted for TriStar service by the end of 2000, progressive replacements have taken shape as the Boeing 767-200, -300 , and -400 and the MD-11, perhaps McDonnell-Douglas & # 39; s ultimate triumph over Lockheed.

First delivered in November 1979, aircraft N728DA, an L-1011-1, Delta's last scheduled flight, operated from Atlanta to Orlando and back, on July 31, 2001, and received a double water cannon salute after touchdown on Georgia Earth. It had flown nearly 31,000 flight bikes, 66,000 hours, and more than 27 million miles during his career.

The 70 TriStars of all versions that Delta had eventually served in more than a quarter of a century represented 30 percent of & # 39; e total Lockheed production progress.