The Life of a Poker Pro – Is it as Glamorous as You Think?

Poker pro can be an extremely lucrative profession. Much like the world of professional golf, there are great prizes to be won and the 19th 119th place finisher (depending on the tournament) is paid in a tournament so you don't have to win every event for some big payday to have. The cash games can sometimes get hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table (although you need to have the bankroll to play at & # 39; s level!) You get to play at ritzy, mega-casinos like the Bellagio or the Rio for the WSOP, so what could be better?

I think the most important thing is that people do not realize the incredible amount of time it takes to play poker at the professional level. You don't just walk into a casino, spend an hour at the table, and walk away with thousands of dollars. It's incredibly gruesome to spend hours at the table and playing cards. When you play online, you die for hours and hours and hours on a computer screen. Tournament play is even worse than cash games, as big field tournaments can take 6 hours, 10 hours, or in the case of WSOP events, days.

I played in this WSOP No Limit Holdem event with a $ 1500 purchase this year. The first day, in a field of 2,600 occupants, I played from noon noon, until 12:30 and ran away before the end of & # 39; day about 20 places before & # 39; I would have made the money and get paid! Of course, there were breaks every few hours and 45 minutes for dinner in the middle, but one less glamorous thing I can't imagine. Not to mention the fact that you are sitting in a small chair at a table with 8 or 9 other boys who may or may not take their fair share of space. It's getting old!

The constant journeys can also carry on a person, because unless you live in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, you will probably have to travel to find the games you want to play. Getting to eat and sleep in motel beds is not always a picnic either.

You have to have a certain mindset to be a poker pro and not everyone has it. While everyone can play, to play successfully at the professional level requires a certain skill set, such as a tremendous amount of dedication and mental will. If you can handle the pressure that accompanies the profession, it can indeed be lucrative and glamorous. But, that's a big "if."

Machu Picchu Vacations – Tips to keep safe while in Peru

I have lived in Cusco in Peru for over 6 years and worked in tourism for about 5 years, and I am happy to say that I have never really had any security issues. In fact, I can probably count three times when something small happened, usually when I wasn't aware and didn't think of my surroundings.

South America has a bad rap for crime and I am sure this is what sets many people off from traveling to Peru. Certainly some big cities in South America are hotspots for crime, and are probably best avoided, but Peru in & # 39; generally is one of & # 39; e safest countries on the continent, and with a few simple precautions is a perfectly safe destination.

I have been fortunate to travel a lot in my life, including most of Central and South America. Curious, however, were the places I feel most insecure I do not feel in South America, but actually North America. Taking a bus from downtown Los Angeles, or walking at night in Las Vegas, or an early morning walk to my Salt Lake City hostel were surprising concerns.

It is important to emphasize that Peru is a truly safe country, and that you should have the confidence that most Machu Picchu Vacations will go ahead without any problems, and provide you with just a few simple precautions.

Below I have written some general safety tips for all Machu Picchu Vacations:

Be careful when using ATM & # 39; s

People who withdraw money from ATM & # 39; s are an easy target, so be sure to withdraw cash. Only use ATMs that are inside (not on the street), avoid money late on & # 39; to take out at night, always cover your pain input and take only what you need. Also, check to make sure the machine you are not using has been removed. I read the other day about someone who had tried twice to take money from a machine, but although the machine probably paid off, the money was never spent. It was later revealed that a box had been attached to & # 39; ATM, and the money was in & # 39; handed out a box for the villains to collect later. If you think there is something wrong with the machine, use another one.

Use a reputable taxi company

So, most of & # 39; time take a taxi in & # 39; e street is okay, but it is always best to phone your hotel or restaurant to a taxi. There are some rare and unfortunate occasions when criminals pose as taxi drivers with the intention of robbing you. Do not put yourself in any risk and use a reputable taxi company.

Use your hotel box

Always look for your valuable items when staying in one hotel. This applies to all types of accommodation from hostels to upscale luxury places. Decide your passport, money, camera, credit cards, etc., so you know they are in a safe place, away from aunt. This can also frustrate your hotel if something goes wrong. I have seen a few cases on Machu Picchu vacations when travelers claimed that their cameras were taken out of their hotel room by the cleaner, when they actually got the camera out, for later that evening in & # 39; a tour bus. If there is no deposit box in your room, ask at the reception for a safe place to leave your items.

Handbags and purses

It doesn't make much sense to someone to put all their valuable items (money, credit cards, cameras, passports, etc.) in one handy to rob bag. Forget using a handbag in Peru and put your personal items in a safe (preferably zippered pocket) on your person. Handbags are an easy target in & # 39; the street, and even easier when attached to & # 39; hung behind your chair in a restaurant. Play safe and leave your handbag at home.

Dress a little

Do not think that all Peruvian people are poor, in fact with the rise in tourism, mining, gold, coffee and construction are really something very welcomed. On the flip side, there are some local people who consider all foreigners & # 39; to be very rich, and compared to what they have, they are probably equal in this assumption. If you are traveling on holiday in Machu Picchu, your money will not flow, so try adjusting and dressing a bit. Wearing expensive jewelry and flashing a lump of cash will only attract the wrong attention, increasing the chance of petty theft.

Be aware of your surroundings

This is probably the most important piece of advice I can offer, and this is what has probably kept me out of trouble all these years – paying attention to your surroundings. The majority of small thefts will happen when you least expect them, perhaps if you walk in a large crowd, eat a meal in a restaurant or even while you relax at Machu Picchu. Know who's talking about it, consider if someone is acting a little strange, and away from their situation. This may sound a little worrying, but you would probably do this in a city home if you thought someone was acting a little strange.

Take extra care at night

If you decide to drink a drink in a bar or even ride a nightclub, be sure to leave the venue late at night. Be aware of your surroundings, take an authorized taxi and always run with friends.

I must reiterate that Peru is a very safe country and most Machu Picchu holidays happen without any incident. Enjoy Peru and keep these few basic tips in mind, and keep safe.

Day of the day, Night time, any time

Holidays in Las Vegas conquer images of fruit machines, casinos, neon lighting hotels and flashing lights, but would you recognize it as the wedding capital of the world? That's exactly what Las Vegas is as one of the easiest cities to get married. Las Vegas holidays provide the perfect opportunity to get married; all you need is ID, a little cash, and your lovely partner of course!

Las Vegas weddings can be as sincere or as hot as you want them to be, they can be great traditional family affairs, or fast, driving through services around two in the morning with the taxi driver as you witness! You can customize your wedding theme for your taste, from Vampire, Cemetery and Gothic, to Hollywood, Star Wars and of course, Elvis. You can have bets from inside, outside and even high in the air to not say your vows in a helicopter as you fly across the city.

You must apply in advance for a & # 39; Clark County Marriage License Bureau's marriage license at & # 39; corner of Clark Avenue and Third Street, the office is open from 8am to midnight, and the license is valid for one year. After the ceremony, you will receive a signed gift certificate to save and a copy will also be sent to the County Clerk. You must then purchase a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the Las Vegas Wedding Bureau; It may take two to three days to get through, but they can post it to your home address.

As in the UK, you will absolutely have to provide a decree if you are divorced, a death certificate if you are a widow, a deed change if you have ever legally changed your name and your birth certificate. Written permission is also required from parents when you are under 18.

Your marriage is considered legal here in the & # 39; UK, but can only & # 39; filed & # 39; be with the General Register Office (GRO) and not & # 39; registered & # 39; as it would be if you were married in this country, the only exception is if you are a member of the British Armenians as the necessary body will tell you about differences. Your wedding certificate will be sent from the Las Vegas Wedding Bureau to the British Embassy in Los Angeles, which will then be forwarded to the GRO, where it will be held so that a copy can be obtained if you ever need it.

That's the technical bit ready, it's very simple and much less complicated than it may initially seem. All that's left is to choose the rings, book your Las Vegas vacations and pop the demand!

Las Vegas – A Super City

With the stock market making 1000 swings and the problems with Europe, not to mention the uprisings in Greece, one has to ask what is next for America. Will this infestation spread? Well, I'm not too worried about that. But why? Because I live in Las Vegas, the safest city in the world.

Actually, I believe to borrow the term super city from Harry Dent, I believe that Las Vegas is one of & # 39; e 22 century will be. Consistent with a city like Dubai and … We certainly don't think much about it, because the conditions for creating a super city are pretty rare. Let me make the case for Las Vegas. First, one must understand how & # 39; the macroeconomics of times will affect all cities. They will have to cut budgets and services, fewer firefighters and police, fewer county workers and fewer city workers. All this leads to higher unemployment, which in turn leads to increasing crime rates.

Of course, the press will blow the media with reports of diminishing crime rates. I see articles like this everywhere. But we ourselves, who don't live in weeks, can tell a different story. Last week my youngest son had a quiet will at GameStop. My oldest son had pulled a van and ripped off his bike and take the bike where they are for sale again in bike shops. Most of us have stories of shooting parties. Good enough of that. The point I am discussing is the crime rate reversed after an economic downturn. Many cities become extremely dangerous when fathers in teenage cities have to feed their children.

Ok! Why does one of these make Las Vegas a super city? We ask most living in Las Vegas and you will receive a surprise response. It is a great place to raise a family, the suburbs oriented as a family. It's probably still one of those inverse comparisons where Sin City is labeled as a bad place, but it really isn't. The friendly people in the world live here and everyone cares more for the kids than in any city in the & # 39; t American. We have an excellent police force that does not understand the local population and care. OK again why? We just heard from you about capital flight. It usually happens at the international level, but times change. What if you were upper middle class and your city was slowly disappearing, Take Los Angeles, Especially cities with seaports were terrorist can find easy access. If I were that dad, I would pack my bags and move to Las Vegas. Again why?

Now, to finish me off, I go into detail about Vegas security. D & # 39; s is a world-class police force, as well as a security of world-class casinos. Everyone is committed to the locals. In a city with millions of strangers on any given day, the population knows who the population is and we have a bunch. We also have a world-class security force wide of Nellis Air Force Base and Area 51. There are only four roads to Las Vegas North, South, East and West. On each of the roads outside the city, there are government sensors that will detect uranium as well as other substances and the military on & # 39; bring a height. This means that no bombs will enter the car. The Western Desert is a giant military that is Area 51. House of the other Desert has been monitoring our satellite 24/7. No one is carrying a bomb through the desert. We are safe from terrorists. An airplane you say. We can have the blue angels in minutes. Remember yourself O.J. Simpson & # 39; s conversations were recorded in his hotel room, surprise, how safe is that! In a world about to go crazy, I choose Las Vegas. Many will wake up to these revelations and the capital flight will begin to Las Vegas. A sheikh bought 50% in city centers worldwide, also the greenest building ever made. With the upper middle moving their families to Vegas, they bring their money and investments. House prices will rocket again and growth will be limited to security. The first comers will be the smartest And they will use those smarts well, I'm sure. The only thing more important than money is family and ideas. Something that the locals know.

What makes Las Vegas so special?

There are many popular tourist destinations in the United States for UK travelers to fall in love with. Families often head to Florida for the beautiful attractions and theme parks. New York is also hugely popular, with all kinds of travelers flocking to one of & # 39; the liveliest cities in & # 39; to visit the world. Shopaholics want to choose the vacation in Los Angeles, where they can recreate the life of their favorite A-list celebs. One place in America that is consistently favored by tourists is Las Vegas, the resort where people don't return year after year.

The city of Vegas has something special about it that it's hard to put your finger on. People who haven't visited before may have a photo of it in their head based on & # 39; s image of Las Vegas in & # 39; e popular media. The city is the star of many films in & # 39; the history of & # 39; a movie theater, be it the gangster classic Goodfellas, the Oceans movies or the recent comedy mash, The Hangover.

Unlike other traditional vacation resorts where the beach is a major attraction as a nearby city, in Las Vegas the hotels themselves are one of the main reasons to visit. There are many extraordinary hotels in Las Vegas that all have something different to offer visitors. The Bellagio hotel has spectacular dancing fountains that are free for anyone to see and see. The Mirage Hotel has a replica volcano that rises at night and creates a great photo opportunity. These are just some of the examples of free attractions in Las Vegas … but to have some fun you have to pay! As you may have seen in movies, there is a great selection of places in the & # 39; a city where you can gamble. As long as you're sensible and know your boundaries, playing & # 39; playing games & machines in & # 39; a casino for a lot of fun, even if you don't win!

Las Vegas is also known for its extravagant show that it offers. With magic, musicals and cabaret shows, there is something for the whole family. However, if the bustle of & # 39; city gets too much and you like one of & # 39; the biggest sights on the planet, so why not take the time to visit the Grand Canyon? On foot or by helicopter, you are sure your breath has been taken away. To find out why Las Vegas is so special, you really need to try for yourself!

Cheap Las Vegas flights

Las Vegas Vacations are just one of the fun outings. If you can secure cheap flights to this destination, you will be able to truly explore the city. There are many great activities and attractions found here.

It doesn't matter if you travel to Las Vegas as a family. This city has such a wealth of offerings, not a single one missing interesting choices. The romantic setting of Las Vegas is one reason why many couples here decide to get married. In fact, many hotels in the city can meet this desire by reserving special areas for weddings.

There are many great hotels and resorts in Las Vegas. Many of the offer luxury accommodations to their guests. Visitors are pleased to find that with the various choices here, any budget can be accommodated. Whether you opt for luxury or affordable stays, this city is dedicated to giving vacationers a memorable trip.

Cheap flights to this location can benefit every person who travels here. Las Vegas Vacations will give you experience of activities that are fun and adventurous. Most people who visit this city will spend some time in casino. The city itself is often associated with casino.

It is the entertainment capital of the & # 39; world, and offers the best quality gaming experiences in & # 39; e world. Since most hotels here have a casino on site, it is usually not necessary to travel far for the opportunity.

Many tourists come to Las Vegas to do more than visit a casino. They not only want to see the scenic beauty of the area, but to explore it personally. Finding cheap Las Vegas flights will allow you to spend more time and money to truly get a feel for this beautiful state.

Adventure activities such as Bootleg Canyon Flightlines are a popular stop for thrill seekers. At this location you can zip zip line, suspended by a cable. At this altitude, you can enjoy the bird's eye view of a desert setting while traveling at speeds up to 50 mph.

There are a number of wonderful tours to choose from in this area. Many offer excursions that do not give you opportunities to enjoy the scenery and wildlife of Nevada. The Desert Adventure ATV Tour is one of these. Visitors can choose between ATV tours that do not interest them. A great choice is the Raiders of the Lost Mine ATV Tour.

You can also choose to drive in certain parts of this location. Many tourists decide to participate in Horseback Riding through the activity of Eldorado Canyon. There are morning and afternoon rides.

Grand Canyon Air Travel is available to interested travelers. You can do that by plane or helicopter. The selection of the aircraft offers activities such as the Air Deluxe Tour. This tour includes flights to the Grand Canyon. Once you are there you will be treated to a completed bus tour of & # 39; location.

A helicopter choice is the Grand Canyon Celebration Helicopter Tour. This tour through the sky shows sights such as Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the larger Grand Canyon. Activities like these provide vacationers with memories that will last a lifetime.

Trips to Las Vegas always present the best the city has to offer. From sophisticated casino to fun dining choices, this is a great getaway location. It will provide everything you want from an excellent vacation.

Why Take a US Escorted Tour?

Wanted on a triple sum, but DON & # 39; DO YOU WANT TO WORK ON ALL DETAILS?
Escorted Tours are the perfect way to travel and let the details be provided by someone else. It doesn't matter where you want to go, because there are escorts that are traveling to different locations around the world.

In the United States, most people take guided tours to the more recognized destinations, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Washington DC. Once you have chosen a place to go, you will find it a little easier to choose the options for your trip and how the trip is set up.

What options do I have?
Most companies offer a basic package. The basic travel package will cover most basic needs, such as travel between destinations, hotel accommodation and food. Of course, if you want to do independent leisure activities, such as nights at the opera, theme parks, clubs, balloon rides and other things, you have to pay for it yourself. Usually, the tour operator will have special deals for you and will give you a discount. These are usually the best activities to do, in order to allow others from the group to join you.

How much will I have to pay?
The price of your escort tour will depend on several factors. If you are in the US and take a US Tour Package inland, you will pay less than someone from the UK who does the same trip because of aviation. Another issue is the hotel accommodation. Fortunately, it's & # 39; It's not as expensive as you might think of a tour, not to mention the travel companies making deals with the hotels. Of course, if you want room service, a full body massage, or pay movies, you have to spend your own money.

If you have to go vary completely from place to place and what you want to do. If you want to go skiing, go on tours in Colorado in November, but not in June. Most of the companies will know when the best times are, and you can also see which tours sell the fastest (which are usually the best).

US Escorted Tours by Private Plane
It's very easy to see a lot of time spent in the United States in a little time on a guided tour. Most travelers report being completed just after a week of a bus trip, but US Tours by private plane will save you precious travel time. Explore the wonders of the West Coast or discover the East Coast on a beautiful guided tour in a private plane. The travel houses are incredibly helpful and will ensure there is plenty of time to have fun and explore at your leisure.

An unforgettable life experience can be yours.

Quick information on low cost airlines

Low Cost Flight Information Airlines provides details on the cheap flights operated by the various airlines in the world. The cheap rates of flight tickets make them popular with travelers within a certain budget. The flight information of cheap airline companies helps you to plan your trip in advance and book your flights accordingly.

Flight information of & # 39; the next low cost of & # 39; e world are available as follows:

Operational since 1971, Southwest Airlines has been one of the most popular airline airlines offering flights that do not include all major parts of & # 39; e FS connect. The 64 flight destinations of Southwest Airlines include Birmingham, Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Albany, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Nashville, Washington DC and so on.

A common pursuit of the & # 39; Discovery Americas I and TACA airline, Volaris is one of & # 39; the latest airline companies operating in Mexico. The main hub of the & # 39; airline is the Mexico City International Airport. The destinations to which Volaris flights fly include Baja California, Campeche, Aguascalientes, Guerrero, Chiapas, Jalisco, Guanajuato and many others.

Founded in 1997, Allegiant Air operates planning and charter flights from its Las Vegas hub in Nevada, FS. One of America's most popular airline companies, Allegiant Air flies to destinations such as San Diego, Mesa, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Santa Maria, Idaho Falls, Orlando, Green Bay, McAllen, Knoxville and others.

Tiger Airways, an airplane operating out of Singapore, regularly operates international flights to various destinations around the world. The flights that operate on a weekly basis range from 3 to 100 flights. The destinations from which Tiger Airways fly include India, Australia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on.

Low cost Airlines flight information makes it easier for you to plan your trip. The various low cost airlines in the world including Southwest Airlines, Volaris, Allegiant Air and Tiger Airways offer cheap flights to various destinations around the world.

Santa Clarita – Get that feeling of small town in Santa Clarita and avoid the crowds in Los Angeles

Santa Clarita is located just north of Los Angeles, in the beautiful region just north of the San Fernando Valley. It is becoming a popular place for visitors to Southern California to stay and play. If you're looking for that little urban feel, even though you're only half an hour from Los Angeles, then this is the place for you.

If you have kids of any age, Santa Clarita offers activities that will make them fun and enjoyable. Six Flags Magic Mountain put on this map more than twenty years ago, and remains an adventure park for kids of all ages. There are roller coasters, water rides, and even an area for younger children. In the & # 39; summer, there are themed performances, with entertainers from throughout the area, including some from & # 39; the world-famous California Institute of the Arts, which is just three miles away in the Valencia part of our city. Six Flags also has Hurricane Harbor, a full water park that is the perfect way to spend a warm summer day.

Santa Clarita is also the home of the Center of Performing Arts at the College of the Canyonons. This year's event is both local and professional entertainment, and last year we enjoyed Wayne Newton, Manhattan Transfer, and the work of our local talent in a production of Beauty and the Beast.

Old Town Newhall is yet another section of this city that should not be missed when visiting. You can take a nice walk down Main Street and see the Cowboy Walk of Fame, where stars are on the sidewalk for the many people who made movies and television series here, starting with William S. Hart and Gene Autry more than sixty years ago. Each Spring Newhall hosts the Cowboy Festival, featuring music, dancing and many other activities for young and old alike. You can visit Hart Museum and see the house that Hart built back in the & # 39; e 1920 & # 39; s. There are even buffaloes on site, the descendants of a buffalo given to William S. Hart by Walt Disney, in & # 39; e 1960s & # 39; Finally, if you enjoy shopping and dining, this city offers some of the best. There is the Valencia Town Mall, as well as many smaller boutique shops. The restaurants offer a variety of styles, from French cuisine and Italian to local fare.

You will find Santa Clarita as one of the best places to visit and relax, and if you still have the time and energy you can drive south for about thirty minutes and visit Los Angeles.

Segway Scooter in need of new innovations

Segway Scooter in need of innovative updates, for all hope it lacks the latest and greatest technological advancement and does not impress everyone. The Segway Team? Will I get the latest technology though? About this idea:

These guys are brilliant no doubt, but we were able to send them right back to the drawing board to fix their ideas. Let's start with the & # 39; s most basic component, namely "The Wheel" is an old component and if you want to build something revolutionary, build it without wheels and without touching the ground and without the need for recharging. It can be designed better. Here's how. Take Bruce DePalma's perpetual motion machine to create the energy, so by adding such a feature you wouldn't need recharging and without the wheels you could move more weight faster with less energy. How do you say First of all, with hydro-cushioned technology such as is used on hover craft. And remember you only want to move a human body that we are talking on average 250 Lbs. To do this and keep the air below you, place a small chest protection system underneath the device where you are standing. Then blow 1-2 lbs. of air with low pressure below. Hardly any power needed to lift 250 Lbs or less. This will lift the thing off the ground.

So instead of wheels, the thing is magical and hanging, way better and more state of the art as well. Now put 18 small jets that move the air in the intended direction of travel to the gyroscope or small circuit board, which is a miniature laser ring gyro to prevent it from falling as you send it by shifting your weight . As you move by moving your body weight, the designed jets move you from side to side while simultaneously running through the gyro. The system will prevent you from turning around like an F-16 & # 39; s system that prevents the pilots from G & # 39; s turn so that the aircraft does not deviate from flight or the pilot is black out. Now you have a mobile hover with gyro, works exactly the same and does not need fuel. Like back to the future ehy? It works physically. I once met the guy who built the first hydro-cushioned car, looked like a little fitting saucer, he used it around Los Angeles on the # 101 Freeway in the & # 39; a 1960 & # 39; s. He was paranoid because the establishment came to him because of his involvement with big business and General Motors and the auto industry. I met him in Denny & # 39; s in Woodland Hills, CA in 1996. Its technology now moves 100,000 Lb. pallets with refueling aircraft on them during the production cycle in Everette WA. He also designed the hydro-cushioned bullet train that was never built, but was a project to bring people to Las Vegas from Los Angeles on high-speed rail, which would keep the trains ground. No friction does not mean much lost energy.

Someone needs to challenge the Segway Team to continue to innovate and not cut consumers short. The unit should continue the technology trend to be the best, frankly it's still not good enough and that's a huge amount of venture capital to pay back for technology yesterday, even at $ 5,000 a pop. Am I too hard on this beautiful invention? Oh probably, but if the manufacturers aren't in it to win it and won't push themselves, then maybe we can help. We need to challenge these guys so they can build it better. Considering the wonderful publicity they've received, including the US president trying to get one, why can't they inspire them to take this technology to the next level, now it's 2003 for God & # 39; s Business. In addition to enhancing my improvements, it could also be used on water. You could cross a lake, rescue a sinking boat, it has thousands of other uses, you could even sweep the driveway with it. Or build a robot that wobbles and hovers for you?

I don't mean to be critical, but if you have that kind of money to blow up venture capital, why don't you & # 39; build a better mouse trap?