Frugal travel tips for aviation

A critical part of the travel budget is transport and this often includes air travel. The nonsensical traveler does more than keep the internet for discounts on discounts. He or she is looking for more creative ways to stretch the travel dollars.

With the help of Free Stop Overs

When my husband and I traveled to Australia for the first time, we flew Air New Zealand. But why? To & # 39; t the airline offered a free stop at their hub in New Zealand. We had never seen the land before and were planning to turn it around anyway. This way we do not have to pay for air transport to and from.

The second time we traveled to Australia, we flew with Air Tahiti Nui. This airline offered, you know, a free stop in Tahiti on the way to or back. Another place we always wanted to visit.

Hidden cities

Free stop-overs are an advantage that is openly offered by some aviation companies. Hidden cities are not only unadvertised, but are actively discouraged by aviation companies. However, they can be great savings for the smart traveler.

An example of this is a trip from New York City to Las Vegas. Sometimes a flight from New York City to Los Angeles is less expensive, even though this same flight in Las Vegas stops to pick up more passengers. So what's it like to stop & # 39; smart traveler from leaving early, on & # 39; a destination that he or she really wants to visit?

A few things … Luggage will be sent to the ticketed destination, so this trick is only for passengers to transport. The flyer should also remember that the return card must start at his or her real destination.


For the flexible, easy-to-travel traveler, dismissing a flight is like winning a travel lottery. This is usually compensation plus you can get someone else who really needs to get to his or her destination on time.

Travelers who know the rules, know the compensation offered (check the website of carriers), know the next flights (be careful with once-a-week carriers), and can weigh that against the pain of disturbed plans. The husband and I always decide before we arrive at the airport (early so we have a boarding pass to give up) whether it's worth it or not. This way, we can be the first to offer our seats.

There are ways to increase the chance of dumbness, the simplest is to reserve an already reasonable full flight (usually a flight later in the day).

Aviation need not blow a travel budget. With some oversight on discount sites and using some creativity, the smart traveler can get more for less.

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